Leah's Story

Always there to support me through the highs and lows!

I decided to use PEAK Online Fitness because I had a holiday coming up which was just 8 weeks away and after struggling trying to do it on my own, I needed help if I was to feel confident going on holiday “beach body ready”. I had already seen Aiden do some insane transformations, so I was excited to see where we could go with a short amount of time. 

Aiden has helped me fall back into love with working out & feeling confident again! He provided me with a brilliant PEAKFitness coaching app which included a personalised nutrition plan (worked around the things I was already eating/enjoyed eating), and a training plan to guide me in the gym to get me where I wanted to be. 

He also provided me with a weekly check in form to fill out to discuss the ups/downs of the week, and in return sent me video feedback to discuss the changes, the goals, and the improvements for the week. The support I got from Aiden was above and beyond. No matter what day or time, if I had a question he was always there to guide and help me.

I would highly recommend Aiden to anybody looking to improve themselves physically & mentally. He really invests his time in his clients, always there to support me through the high and the lows which is rare to find!

Thank you PEAKOnlineFitness.com!

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