Kerry's Story

I now wear clothes that I hadn't worn for years!

I went to PEAK Online Fitness to lose weight. I’d been on various diet plans, but none of them worked long term. I didn’t like my body shape and needed to lose fat.

I spoke to Aiden, and he discussed my goals, and we went through what foods I liked. Unlike a diet where you always think you’re missing out, Aiden designed my plan with the right food choices to fuel my training and keep me full.

In only a few short weeks my body shape changed dramatically - I could actually see my abs!

This supported the shift in mindset needed to remain consistent. During the membership, Aiden’s always on hand with weekly check-ins and daily messages. He’s always been supportive, and most importantly, patient.

He understood the importance of balance, but he is always there to give you that extra little push when you need it.

I’ve dropped several dress sizes, got super fit and now wear clothes that I haven’t worn for years. 

I would without doubt recommend Aiden. Don’t wait as long as I did to sign up.

Are you interested in becoming the best version of yourself?