Harvey's Story

Fighter of the Night!

I met Aiden when I was 17 and I’d boxed as an amateur for years. I’d lost my mojo. I agreed to a fight in the hope it might re-ignite the spark. It was stupid because I had only 12 weeks to get ready, and I was 18lbs overweight.

My mum contacted Aiden. We had a chat, and he spent the time listening to my challenges. He said he could put together a training plan that would be challenging but fun, with lots of variety built in. 

I explained that I was celiac, and so he created a gluten free diet plan. This was based on food that I enjoyed so it was easy to fit into my normal routine. I didn’t feel like I was on a diet, but the pounds piled off.

He kept in touch pretty much daily with a weekly check in to monitor weight and fitness progress. He’d make adjustments to so that I was always on track for my goal.

Week 12 was fight night. 18lbs lost and I never felt fitter. I put in the performance of my life, won the bout, and was awarded fighter of the night. Thanks to Aiden, I’ve got my love of boxing back and have had several offers to turn pro. 

Aiden’s knowledge and experience in exercise and nutrition is second to none. If you’re looking to get fit or lose weight, he’s your man!

Are you interested in becoming the best version of yourself?