Darren's Story

All my friends and family comment on my new look!

I was looking for a mixture of things when I started with PEAKOnlineFitness.com. From gaining more general confidence, experience in the gym, increased fitness / general wellbeing, and education on fitness & diet.

For me, this was very daunting due to having no prior experience in a gym. It seems silly now, but back then I only ever used the cross trainer! I started out by chatting to Aiden. He went through my weight loss goals, discussed the food I liked and put together a personal fitness and nutrition plan.

I feared going to the gym because the equipment was alien to me. But Aiden's coaching and simple videos showed me how to do the right exercises for me. I’d watch Aiden on the PEAKFitness app videos and repeat what he was doing. Very quickly I was confident in the gym and no longer felt out of place. 

My training was helped with regular check ins on diet and training progress to ensure things were on track. Aiden was always on hand with messages and weekly updates offering support.

Since becoming a member, I’m now fully confident in the gym and I’ve reached my target weight. All my friends and family comment on my new look and improved confidence.

I would recommend using PEAKOnlineFitness.com for your fitness goals. 

Are you interested in becoming the best version of yourself?